Find out about commuter-friendly areas outside of London and the benefits of getting a London office

Many businesses have found out that there is an alternative to staying away at the London headquarters and paying sky-high rents and that is to choose offices in the commuter belt in areas like Reading, Kent, Surrey and Berkshire.

Offices in areas such as Harlow, Uttlesford, and Epping Forest are not only popular with company bosses but with their staff who prefer to work outside the capital and enjoy living in the leafier suburbs.

Where should I live if I commute to London?

To learn more read this article, which is written from the facts, as it will explain all about the commuting options available to you and go through the advantages of rental offices outside the main business centers of the capital and explore further off areas and all they can provide business.

Office workers who have to find themselves working in London offices have one major drawback that makes their journey a very stressful experience that they could do without – I am, of course, talking about the complexities of London public transport. Sharing personal closeness with complete strangers in train carriages is hardly an idea for a casual trip, but you will be pleased to know that choosing to work in an office outside London allows you to drive to work rather than running public transport costs.

One of the main selling points for employees moving to the suburbs is that it makes sense to buy property there too and enjoy all the benefits of owning a home that is so much bigger you wouldn’t be able to afford in central London. Office workers on the outskirts of the city can enjoy wide expanses of countryside sunbathing in open air and rustic green fields while their cramped peers sit in their stuffy offices and pay dearly for highly sought-after space.

Choosing to take an office outside the main center of London may worry corporate executives who fear they will lose their London network but with email becoming a vital part of the business this doesn’t need to be a problem and it doesn’t necessarily mean your business will stop. A lot of money is saved by moving to the suburbs so that your company can put that money into expanding its profit margins and making your business a roaring success – you are by no means limited to London as a place of business.

London’s most affordable commuter towns

Also, with the help of the express train exiting the station in central London, with frequent trains from Waterloo, Euston and Paddington, you can be in central London for a business meeting and come back out again the same day without wasting time. This is one of the best reasons to take London Office Space.

You can always fall back on the resources that London has to offer and you can hire staff and attend the functions the capital has to offer its business community but without the need to buy into office space there. Renting an office outside of London has many distinct advantages which can ensure your company stays ahead of the game by connecting with other companies that are not in London and putting you in touch with companies from all over the country.

Ultimately, choosing to work in an office on the outskirts of London means that you can reap the benefits of a central London space while not getting caught up in those financial costs – give it a try and you won’t regret it!