London’s Secret Bar

Sick of the high street chain bars and want to find something much fancier in London to drink? London has some fantastic secret bars waiting to be discovered, you just have to know where to look.

Every now and then it’s always fun to find your new favorite bar or pub that’s a little under the radar, hidden from the masses and offering something different from your usual encounters with friends for a drink. Or you may be visiting London and are determined to avoid the tourist trap bars and pubs of London and want to discover some of London’s secret bars to make your trip memorable.

I’m constantly looking for new, interesting and unique bars all over London and now I’ve decided to share some bar secrets with the public. I’ll start at Shoreditch, perhaps my favorite place in London to have some sightseeing and discovering something new and up-to-date. If you take a trip down Curtain Road you definitely won’t notice that the Ninety Eight Bar and Lounge is there as it has no signs and is in a basement accessed by a spiral staircase nicely tucked away from the main road. Once you navigate the spiral staircase, you will be blown away positively by the magical setting of NinetyEight Bar, an interior design consisting of owner’s ideas and inspiration and is a unique and fun cocktail bar with delicious drinks! The grand piano is set in the back so that if you are lucky you can catch a live performance.

Living in Shoreditch, there’s another secret bar waiting to be discovered.

If you’re lucky enough to have stumbled across Callooh Callay then you’ll be buzzing with this 1920s era bar vibe. Dig a little deeper and you may find a hidden bar called the Jub Jub Bar.

My recent discovery was in Charlotte Street, the area known as Fitzrovia or Noho, and it was pure luck that I found this secret bar in London. It’s called a Shochu bar and is hidden under the fantastic Japanese restaurant Roko. This is a basement cocktail bar that is cool and hip and has an edge to it that borders on the coolness of Manhattan. The music is kind to keep your feet knocking but also creates a vibe where you feel like you are in a special place and you have to keep your eyes open to the lovely clients and even the weird celebrities I hear about!

For something unique and a little different, The Arts Theater Club is a hidden gem in the heart of Soho. It’s inspired by all things Theater and for the thespian in you! It’s a tribute to the theatrical world, with memorabilia of all kinds of shows, but fun the drinks are great and the prices are so affordable, drinkonomical I would say.

Finally, my last secret bar in London is in Mayfair.

The Automat bar is the epitome of cool, deserves to be off the radar and very exclusive. This one is going to be a challenge to get in, but it is possible, and once inside you’ll feel like you’re part of the A-list crowd in London! It adopts a vacuum New York style and is dark, moody and brooding, I feel like I’m in a movie when I sit back in my cubicle sipping Dark and Stormy!

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