Luxury Vacations to London: Holidays to Remember

Most luxury vacations to London

England will have to offer everything travelers do, like visiting the Tower of London, BuckinghamPalace and such. While this is fine, it can get a little ‘samey’ if you’ve visited London before, and if you like the city but want to experience something a little different from the usual tourist routes. Well, that can be arranged, because there’s a lot more to London than picture postcard attractions.

Regardless of how many times you have been to this great city, you should be offered a tour when you arrive, just so you can get your bearings if nothing else, and then focus on the lesser-known attractions London has to offer. If you can manage yourself on one of the luxurious London vacations that offer personalized service, such as just the two of you sharing a limousine for your London tour, then you will benefit more from this type of vacation.

A boat trip down the River Thames will take you past the Millennium Dome to the historic city of Greenwich (pronounced Grenitch, not Greenitch), home to the Greenwich observatory and where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) begins. This is zero longitude. OldRoyalNavalCollege is well worth a visit, as is the observatory itself. You should also visit the National Maritime Museum which contains many artifacts of naval history, such as the uniform that Lord Nelson died in Trafalgar in 1805. On the way back, try the Docklands Light Railway and catch a glimpse of modern London and the CanaryWharf, which has developed into one of the major financial centers. world.

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Most tourists never reach Bloomsbury, known for its literary character in the early 20th century, and there you will also learn a little about Charles Dickens, who had ties to that part of London. The British Museum is a must, with a collection of Egyptian artifacts such as the famous Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian Mummy Chamber and the Elgin Marbles, brought back to England from the Parthenon in Athens by Lord Elgin, and is now a major cause of dispute between the Greek and British governments. This is the real Indiana Jones thing!

The Duke of Wellington was the British general who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, and for that the British gave him the Apsley House which you can visit. You should also visit Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard, and then to Trafalgar Square, where a large monument is erected in honor of Lord Horatio Nelson, who gave his life defeating Napoleon’s navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. nearby, the seat of British government, and also 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister. Next to it is No. 11, where the Chancellor of Exchequer lived and then No. 12 which is the residence of the Head of the Whip, whose job it is to ensure that members of parliament elect the government.

There are other aspects of London that most visitors never see, including Little Venice, the area where Robert Browning lives and many celebrities still do, and Camden Lock, which you can visit by boat. Here you will find a market with food and clothing stalls. Finally, you should visit the shops in Knightsbridge, such as the famous Harrods as well as one or two of London’s most famous parks, such as Hyde Park where you can take a pedal boat to SerpentineLake, or visit Albert Hall, just a stone’s throw away. Visit Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, where anyone can hop on their soapbox and make their views known to the public on any subject under the sun.

Such a luxury vacation to London is best appreciated if it is organized with a travel company that can provide you with a level of personal service that allows you and your partner to have your own personal driver or guide, and to take advantage of some of the best hotels London has to offer. Such luxurious vacations are not easy to find, but they are definitely the best way to see the real London.

If you’ve visited London before, or even if this is your first trip and want to see some of the hidden gems of this great city, this is the place to go and the way in which it should be done. Nothing beats travel and upscale accommodation, and personalized service is the best way to ensure that while on vacation you are a better stay away from home. That is what makes a luxury vacation to London a holiday to remember.